GP Triage

Unlocking Seamless Healthcare

Our Microsoft Azure AI-backed triage system is designed to streamline appointment bookings for patients and general practitioners in the UK.

Enabling Better Access Through
Artificial Intelligence

Leading AI

Using advanced technology to make the patient healthcare experience simpler.

Efficient Scheduling

GP Triage drastically cuts down patient wait times through instant scheduling.

Smart Priority

Arrange appointment slots, ensuring patients are seen based on clinical urgency and safety.

Intelligent Integration

Via bespoke connection to your EHR, appointments are filled automatically, freeing up reception staff.

Patient Safety

GP Triage AI safeguards patient well-being by immediately identifying and flagging potential concerns.

Multilingual Support

GP Triage AI promotes inclusivity by providing support in over 15 languages, catering to diverse communities.

Who we are

Welcome to GP Triage, the cutting-edge AI-assisted triage system designed to streamline appointment bookings for General Practitioners (GPs) in the UK.

Our platform combines advanced AI technology with the expertise of our team of GPs and business professionals, offering you a seamless and efficient appointment booking experience.

Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to a smarter way of managing your appointments.

Doctor overlooking AI assisted triage system

GP Triage is Transforming the Patient Experience

How Does GP Triage Work?

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Step 01

GP Triage’s AI Request Handling

The GP Triage AI begins by taking a patient’s appointment request. The AI dynamically gathers follow-up information, navigating the triage process seamlessly and swiftly. This initial step sets the stage for a smooth and efficient patient experience.

Step 02

Clinical Triage with Precision

  • Prioritise appointments based on clinical urgency using Artificial Intelligence capable of recognising hundreds of symptoms and clinical issues.

  • Direct patients according to the practice’s requirements, special interests, and ARRS roles for optimal care alignment.

  • Utilise a modern dashboard for comprehensive GP oversight, offering convenient access to reporting, data inquiries, and audit capabilities.

  • Manage your practice through the bespoke dashboard, ensuring patient care aligns with the practice’s goals and priorities.
Things necessary for patient assessment for clinical triage
EHR Integration

Step 03

Seamless EHR Integration

GP Triage seamlessly integrates into all major EHRs, such as EMIS and SystmOne. Furthermore, clinicians benefit from an automatic and detailed AI-produced summary of the presenting complaint, triage, and even potential differential diagnoses. This integration saves valuable clinical time and enables more productive appointment slots.

Optimised Patient Accessibility | Precision Healthcare Delivery for Physicians

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Trusted by Leading UK
Healthcare Professionals

“GP Triage has enabled our practice to strike a harmonious balance between technological innovation and the human touch. It’s a game-changer that benefits both doctors and patients alike.”

Dr. NC

Practice Manager, London

“No more early morning phone calls or enduring endless queues. Thanks to GP Triage, patients can now conveniently access the care they require, precisely when they need it, without the usual hassle.”

Dr. SG

GP Partner, Birmingham

“After wading through various total triage tools, each with its drawbacks, GP Triage emerged as a breath of fresh air among the usual options. We signed up for the waiting list without a second thought.”

Dr. SK

Clinical Director, Surrey

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