Our Primary Care Solutions

At GP Triage, we offer a comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions to improve access, manage demand, and maximise capacity, significantly reducing the burden on practice staff.

Our solutions are tailored for NHS primary care and can be scaled to any level, from individual practices through to consortiums, PCNs, or ICBs.

Introducing our GP Triage Suite – the revolution in primary care.

GP Triage System

Our flagship GP Triage System uses our market-leading AI to triage all medical requests, guiding patients to the care they need safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Optimised Appointment Booking

GP Triage seamlessly integrates into all major EHRs (e.g. EMIS, SystmOne) and ensures patients with the highest clinical needs are seen soonest, with total flexibility for your practice’s way of working and skill mix.

Clinician Dashboard

Every user gets access to a blazing-fast and fully audit/QOF compliant management dashboard, where administrative tasks and patient queries can be reviewed and actioned.

AI Triage

Built by doctors, for doctors – Welcome to the future of primary care.

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Market-leading AI Triage

Our AI system accurately assesses patient symptoms and urgency, streamlining the triage process, whilst prioritising patient safety.

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Improved Access

With full oversight and control of the appointment book, patients can be seamlessly directed to the most appropriate clinician.

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Streamlined Administration

Streamlining admin queries and tasks reduces non-clinical workload by over 40%, reducing burnout and freeing up staff.

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Over $1bn in R&D Funding

The GP Triage AI covers over 1600 symptoms, 840 conditions, and recognises over 300 risk factors, and is backed by our Microsoft Partnership.

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Multi-language Support

Available in over 17 languages, the GP Triage AI improves access to diverse and often underserved patient populations.

Introducing Your AI Copilot

Designed to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of practices, the GP Triage AI Copilot is set to transform the way medical professionals manage their daily tasks.

From discharge letter summarisation where the copilot can quickly and accurately summarise letters and extract key information, to advanced automated clinical coding, and blood test result interpretation and actioning, our AI suite is only growing more advanced day by day.

We know frontline clinicians are irreplaceable, so GP Triage is here to reduce your administrative burden, allowing you to focus directly on patient care.

GP Triage AI Copilot

Leveraging Next-Gen Technology

Better Outcomes for Patients, Improved Workflow for Clinicians

For Patients

Ease of Access – Patients can book appointments anytime, anywhere, without calls or queues.

Prioritisation of Need – Urgent cases are seen first, maximising patient safety and improving health outcomes.

Zero Delay Triage – Patients receive immediate feedback on available appointment slots, reducing uncertainty and anxiety.

Language Accessibility – Available in 15+ languages, improving engagement with diverse populations.

GP Triage for Patients

For Doctors

Streamlined Workflow – AI-assisted clerking provides doctors with a preliminary history, improving consultation efficiency.

Reduced Clinical Risk – Market-leading triage ensures patients with urgent issues are seen first, enhancing practice outcomes.

Reduced Administrative Burden – AI processing of admin queries into an ultra-fast dashboard allows efficient allocation to practice staff.

Empowering CliniciansStreamlining admin tasks frees clinical staff to dedicate more time to patient consultations.

GP Triage for doctors

Quality Assurance

GP Triage adheres to the highest standards of safety and reliability, essential for medical systems.

NHS Assured

Data Governance

International Standards

GP Triage Certification Companies Batches


Want to Know More?

Digital Transformation can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry. Our team is available to answer any questions you have. Contact us to arrange a demo for your practice.

GP Triage is at the forefront of revolutionising healthcare access with our AI-assisted triage and appointment booking system. Our technology is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of General Practitioners' operations in the UK, ensuring patients receive timely and appropriate care.

Our platform is unique due to its deep integration capabilities with existing healthcare systems and its focus on prioritizing clinical needs. GP Triage simplifies the appointment booking process, accurately categorizes patient urgency through AI triage, and reduces the workload on healthcare professionals, allowing them to concentrate on patient care.

GP Triage utilizes advanced AI to conduct initial patient assessments. This involves gathering information about symptoms and medical history, and then intelligently triaging patients into an appropriate care category. This process ensures that patients receive care in a timely manner, based on their clinical needs.

Our main offering is an AI-powered triage and appointment booking tool, built in collaboration with NHS Digital and Microsoft. This allows for quick, efficient, and safe access to primary care for our patients. Additionally, we handle administrative queries and tasks through our AI system, streamlining the entire patient-practice interaction. Our AI Copilot, coming soon, further extends the automation process to letters, blood results, and more.

Absolutely! GP Triage strictly adheres to healthcare regulations and standards. Our system is a UKCA Class I approved medical device, and we are Data Security and Protection Toolkit Certified, DCB 0129 and DCB 0160 Clinical Risk Management Certified, and ISO 13485 Conformant. Additionally, we are an NHS Digital Assured Supplier, HSCN Approved, GDPR Compliant, and data is always encrypted within the UK. We also undergo regular penetration tests to industry standards to confirm absolute security.

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